About Me

Home Adress:

Petra Lubarde 1a

Belgrade 11000


Mobile:               +381603550136

E-mail:                abominacija@gmail.com

Date of bitrh:     March 26 th, 1973

Marital status:   single

Profile / Aims

  • High self-motivation, strong labor ethics
  • Open for new ideas, creative, skilled in problem locating and resolving
  • Likes challenges; energetic, dedicated
  • Responsible and effective


2000 – 2003      Faculty of Sport Management, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia

Sport manager

  • Grade point average: 7.57 out of 10

1989 – 1993    School of Civil Engineering Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia

  • Profile: Civil Engineering

Work Experience

1992-1996:       Europublic

Sector:       Marketing and Publishing

Kind of job:       Business Assistant

2003-2011:       Hobby Store

Sector:         Merchandiser (miniatures and related engineering kits)

Kind of job:       Creative Team Manager



  • Serbian: native language, excellent
  • English: fluent

Computer skills:

  • Excellent hardware skills
  • Windows OS proficiency (95/98, Me, NT 4.0, 2000, XP, Vista,  7)
  • Utilities: MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access), Adobe Acrobat Professional
  • Windows browsers: Internet Explorer, FireFox, Google Chrome, Opera


  • Hardworking, responsible, adaptive, agile, quick-thinking, quick learner, capable of working under pressure, excellent organizer, team player


  • Model engineering, miniature (in general) and Warhammer miniature painting
  • Won several 1st places in creative (4 times),  RPG(1), tactical (6,  made it to the finals over 10 times) , and CCG (1, made it to the finals over 5 times), and in hard  competitions
  • Playing in National Team Serbia 2013 on ETC in Novi Sad, Serbia

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